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There are many couples/ships who have relationships similar to the Seddie relationship in forms of modern media, including canon couples.

TV ShowsEdit

Josh/Mindy (Drake & Josh)Edit

  • Josh and Mindy have always "hated" each other and constantly fought.
  • Josh is a bit of a dork (Freddie).
  • Mindy is manipulative (Sam).
  • Mindy loves josh after a while (Like Sam in iOMG)
  • Drake and Josh is also a show made by Dan Schneider. Since he put together an argumentative couple before, he may do it again.
  • They have this competivie thing going on.

Beck/Jade [Bade] (Victorious)Edit

  • Jade, (Sam), is mean, and likes to tease people
  • Beck, (Freddie), is the nice, calm, gentle one.
  • Jade is mean/pushy to Beck.
  • They are side-kicks on the show, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Beck, (Freddie), has kissed Tori, (Carly).
  • Beck, (Freddie), tolerates Jade, (Sam).
  • Beck, (Freddie), can control Jade, (Sam).
  • Bade is the most popular ship in Victorious, like Seddie.
  • They seem to hang out a lot more than the rest of the gang.
  • Bade are dating, and always have been. In "Jade Dumps Beck", we see how much Jade relies on Beck and loves him.
  • Both Sam and Jade are bossy and manipulative.
  • Both like to make videos together to put up on or
  • Both tend to laugh together and find the the same things funny.
  • Beck, (Freddie), is usually not afraid to call out Jade, (Sam), when she finds something hurtful, mean, or funny.
  • They are the kind of opposites that attract.
  • Both have shared long kisses with each other.
  • Both have dated and broke up but most likely to get back together according to Dan Schneider.

Benny/Erica (My Babysitter's A Vampire)Edit

  • Benny (Freddie) Is a Geek.
  • Erica (Sam) is slacker.
  • In S2E6 Erica (Sam) hints that she might have a crush on Benny (Freddie).
  • Erica (Sam) and Benny (Freddie) start off hating each other but grow close as friends.
  • They share a Love/Hate relationship.
  • They are both friends with Sarah (Carly).
  • Erica (Sam) has dirty blonde hair while Benny (Freddie) has brownish-blackish hair.

Ned/Moze (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide)Edit

  • Ned, (Freddie), thinks he's in love with a girl he met in the 6th grade named Suzie (Carly).
  • Moze (Sam) keeps telling him it won't work out with Suzie (Carly).
  • Moze (Sam) teases Ned (Freddie).
  • When Ned (Freddie) and Moze (Sam) kissed they pretended like nothing happened afterwards.

Logan/Quinn (Zoey 101)Edit

  • Quinn (Freddie) is very smart and good at computers.
  • Logan (Sam) teases Quinn .
  • They act like they hate each other to hide their real feelings.
  • They eventually get together and hide it cause they are embarrassed.

Lilly/Oliver (Hannah Montana)Edit

  • Lilly (Sam) sometimes makes fun of Oliver (Freddie) and calls him names.
  • Both Lilly (Sam) and Oliver (Freddie) are best friends with Miley (Carly).
  • At first, Oliver (Freddie) was in love with Hannah Montana (Miley) (Carly).

Tony/Ziva (NCIS)Edit

  • Both really do care about each other, but don't like to show it.
  • Ziva (Sam) could easily take down Tony (Freddie).
  • Ziva (Sam) hides her feelings behind her tough exterior.
  • Ziva (Sam) Can take down a hole army without help!

Quinn/Puck (Glee)Edit

  • Quinn (Sam) thinks Puck (Freddie) is a loser.
  • Quinn (Sam) and Puck (Freddie) are shown to care about each other.
  • Quinn (Sam) and Puck (Freddie) are/were friends with Finn (Carly).
  • Quinn (Sam) and Puck (Freddie) have lied to Finn at one point. (Quinn and Puck on Beth's dad, Sam and Freddie about the kiss).
  • Quinn (Sam) and Puck (Freddie) have kissed.
  • They bring out the better in each other.
  • Quinn (Sam) denies her feelings for Puck (Freddie), but they're still big feelings

Puck/Rachel (Glee)Edit

  • Puck (Sam) is constantly mean to Rachel (Freddie).
  • Puck kissed Rachel.
  • Puck used to hate her, but then he warmed up to Rachel and they are now frienemies.
  • Puck may have obtained feelings for Rachel after their kiss, and vice versa.

Finn/Rachel (Glee)Edit

  • Finn (Sam) is tough.
  • Rachel (Freddie) is smart and constantly bullied.
  • Finn (Sam) has a soft side and Rachel (Freddie) was the first to bring it out (like Freddie brought out the sensitivity in Sam on iKiss).
  • Finn (Freddie) used to be in love with Quinn (Carly) and thought of Rachel (Sam) as just a friend but got over Quinn and dated Rachel in the end of Season 1.

Urkel/Laura (Family Matters)Edit

  • Laura (Sam) doesn't like Urkel (Freddie).
  • Laura insults Urkel.
  • Urkel is a dork while Laura is a bit tomboy-like.
  • Later on, Laura denied her true feeligs for Urkel.

Sonny/Chad (Sonny With a Chance)Edit

  • They claim to hate each other.
  • They fight constantly.
  • They show soft feelings for each other.
  • It is a love/hate relationship.

Robbie /Jade (Victorious)Edit

  • Jade makes fun of Robbie.
  • Jade is mean to Robbie.
  • Robbie is a dork.
  • Jade is manipulative.

Kuki/Wally (Codename: Kids Next Door)Edit

  • Kuki (Freddie) is nice, sweet, mostly happy, and sometimes gullible.
  • Wally (Sam) is tough, sometimes rude, short tempered, and easily angered.
  • The two of them are oppisites, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Wally secretly loves Kuki, and is similar to the feelings fans speculate exist between Seddie.
  • Wally gets jealous when Kuki has a love interest.
  • They kissed once but never told anyone about it, but Numbuh 2 found out, like Carly found out that Sam and Freddie kissed.

Buffy/Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)Edit

  • Buffy (Sam) is tough, can take care of herself and is blonde.
  • At first, Spike (Freddie) and Buffy (Sam) didn't start off well, but eventually turned friends/allies.
  • They often fought a lot.
  • When Spike met Buffy, he was in love with Drusilla (Carly)
  • Spike was under the false impression Buffy was flirting with him, while it was really Faith in Buffy's body - and Freddie was under the false impression Sam was flirting with him, while it was really Melanie.
  • Spike secretly loved Buffy, even when with Drusilla and Harmony.
  • In the final episode, Buffy finally admitted that she loved Spike - meaning she loved him all along.
    • This signifies Spike and Buffy secretly loved each other, and first hid their relationship from others. Similar to how Freddie and Sam are [possibly] secretly in love with each other, and hid their kiss from others.

Mickie James/Randy Orton (WWE)Edit

  • They are always fighting.
  • Randy is evil (sam)
  • Mickie is kind (Freddie)

Gabe/Jo (Good Luck Charlie)Edit

  • Jo (Sam) and Gabe (Freddie) constantly fight.
  • Jo (Sam) shows her affection for Gabe (Freddie) through teasing

Rikki and Zane (H2O-Just Add Water)Edit

  • They both started off hating each other.
  • Rikki (Sam) is a blonde, and Zane (Freddie) is a brunette
  • Rikki, like Sam, doesn't have a good family situation

Fletcher/Olive (ANT Farm)Edit

  • It's a love hate relationship.
  • They both pick on each other
  • Deep down they care about each other.


Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter)Edit

  • Hermione, like Freddie, is very smart.
  • Ron, like Sam, is lazy, likes food, and isn't afraid to break rules.
  • Hermione and Ron constantly bicker, like Freddie and Sam.
  • Hermione and Ron are both friends with Harry (Carly).

Percy/Annabeth (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)Edit

  • Annabeth (Sam) and Percy (Freddie) constantly bricker.
  • Annabeth (Sam) (in some ways) is more physical between the two than Percy (Freedie). But both characters are far stronger and powerful than both Sam and Freddie.
  • They have nicknames for eachother
  • In the first book Annabeth doesn't really like Percy.
  • Both girls (Sam, Annabeth) seem to fall for the boys (Freddie, Percy) first (or at least notices it first), and our the one to make the first move in a kiss which seems to surprise both of them.
  • Annabeth (Sam) also seems to show jealously and quick dislike towards any other girl that Percy seems to have an interest in.

Sabrina/Puck (The Sisters Grimm)Edit

  • Puck constantly pranks Sabrina.
  • The two don't ever get along.
  • They were each other's first kiss.
  • They are future husband and wife
  • Puck often calls Sabrina by her last name, Grimm, something that Sam also does.

Morning/Portia (Suck It Up)Edit

  • Portia (Sam) is cynical and mean towards Morning (Freddie).
  • Morning is awkward and dorky like Freddie.
  • They grow to become friends after awhile.
  • They kiss each other.

Max/Fang (Maximum Ride)Edit

  • Max (Sam) is sarcastic and cynical.
  • Max and Fang have known each other for a long time and have been friends that long too.
  • Max got mad when Fang kissed Lissa (Carly).
  • They shared a first kiss.
  • They are not sure about their feelng towards eachother.

Katniss/Peeta (The Hunger Games)Edit

  • They have opposite personalities
  • Katniss (Sam) seems to be very tough and strong, while Peeta (Freddie) has a soft side.
  • Most people turn to Katniss for guidance.
  • The two have shared a kiss.


Jimmy/Cindy (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)Edit

  • Cindy (Sam) is constantly attacking Jimmy (Freddie), but secretly likes him.
  • Cindy (Sam) gives Jimmy (Freddie) a lot of nicknames.
  • At first Jimmy (Freddie) liked Betty (Carly), but later fell in love with Cindy (Sam).

Arnold/Helga (Hey Arnold!)Edit

  • Helga (Sam) always teases Arnold (Freddie)
  • Helga (Sam) has a secret crush on Arnold (Freddie)
  • Arnold has a crush on Helga, but he's to dense to admit it.
  • Arnold (Freddie) was in love with Lila (Carly), who happens to be a brunette, until he found that it was only a shallow love, and later they stay as friends.
  • Helga (Sam) gives a lot of nicknames to Arnold(Freddie). This nicknames somehow resembles to Sam's nicknames to Freddie, as Arnold-o (Freddie-o).

Jacob/Renee (Jacob Two-Two)Edit

  • They are rivals but also really close friends.

Alvin/Brittany (Alvin & the Chipmunks)Edit

  • The two constantly fight but it's clear they like each other.

Maurecia/Todd (Wayside)Edit

  • Maurecia has a crush on Todd.
  • Maurecia (Sam) shows affection for Todd (Freddie) by beating up on him repeatedly.
  • Todd usually takes the pain Maurecia inflicts upon him.

Lulu/Tubby (Little Lulu)Edit

Duncan/Courtney (Total Drama Island)Edit

  • Duncan (Sam) is a tough delinquent who gets in trouble, while Courtney (Freddie) is a smart brunette rule-follower.
  • They constantly fought, and often denied their feelings - though it was mostly Courtney who denied it.
  • Duncan and Courtney had their first kiss outside in front of the cabin, while Sam and Freddie had their first kiss outside in the fire escape.
  • They gave each other 'pet names'.

Zuko/Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)Edit

  • They both hate each other, but eventually bring out each other's hidden sides.
  • Katara (Sam) never misses an opportunity to harass Zuko (Freddie).

Aang/Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender)Edit

  • Aang (Freddie) is sweet and a bit oblivious and was brought up by slightly overprotective monks, while Toph (Sam) is tough and also a bit oblivious and was brought up in a very disfunctional family.
  • Aang thinks that he loves Katara (Carly)
  • Toph has a "little crush" on Sokka (Spencer) who happens to be Katara's older brother.
  • The two constantly argue and bicker, but are there for eachother when the other needs them most.
  • Toph has all sorts of nicknames for Aang (i.e. twinkletoes) and is always teasing him about being weak.
  • Toph is (in several episodes) wanted by the police.
  • Katara, Toph and Aang are all friends, with Sokka as an older brother to many of them and one of Sokka's many love interests. Sound familiar?

Toph/Sokka (Avatar: the Last Airbender)Edit

  • Toph (Sam) and Sokka (Freddie) have a love/hate relationship.
  • Toph (Sam) is always teasing Sokka (Freddie).
  • Toph (Sam) is a tomboy and has a tough-girl appearance, while Sokka is more like Freddie.
  • While they banter a lot, they also have their moments together like Sam and Freddie.
  • They are both very sarcastic and sardonic towards each other, much like Sam and Freddie.

Billy/Mandy (The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy)Edit

  • Mandy (Sam) often hits Billy.
  • Mandy (Sam) is sad when she thinks Billy died.
  • Billy (Freddie) kissed Mandy (Sam).

Kick and Kendall (Kick Buttowski)Edit

  • Kendall (Freddie) is smart and likes school.
  • Kick (Sam) thinks Kendall is a teacher's pet.
  • Kendall is dating Renaldo (Carly).
  • Kick and Kendall often get into fights.
  • They were eachother's first kiss.
  • They pretended a kiss did not happen (twice).
  • Kendall calls Kick Clarence.

Johnny/ Sissy (Johnny Test)Edit

  • Sissy (sam) calls Johnny by his last name, Test.
  • Johnny and Sissy get into fights and are very competitive.
  • Sissy shows affection by beating up Johnny.


Hiccup/Astrid (How To Train Your Dragon)Edit

  • Astrid is like Sam: blonde, strong and tough; Hiccup is like Freddie: Brunette, Gentle, with good-heart and a little bit cowardly.
  • Astrid is impressed when Hiccup shows that he knows a train a dragon.
  • Even with her bullying ways, Astrid shows a sweet personality when she whether.
  • Astrid kisses Hiccup to encourage him.

Danny/Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance)Edit

  • Sawyer (Sam) is cynical and doesn't like Danny at first.
  • Danny (Freddie) is optimistic and a tad dorky.
  • Sawyer hides her feelings for Danny until the end.
  • Danny and Sawyer (almost) kiss.

Leia/Han (Star Wars)Edit

  • Leia dislikes Han at first.
  • They pretend to hate each other to cover their feelings.
  • Han (Sam) mocks Leia (Freddie) after she expresses her dislike.
  • They shared a kiss. After the kiss, they allowed their feelings to change.

Rapunzel/Flynn (Tangled)Edit

  • They do not get along at first.
  • Rapunzel has blonde hair (like Sam) Flynn is has brown hair (like Freddie).
  • Flynn is an outlaw wanted by guards (like Sam and jail) Rapunzel is a goodie goodie (such as Freddie).
  • He was her first kiss.

Chad/Taylor (Chaylor) (High School Musical)Edit

  • They bicker a lot.
  • They disliked each other at first.
  • They only pretended to hate each other to hide there feelings.
  • They ended up dating.


Ash/Misty (Pokemon)Edit

  • Misty is tough, and teases Ash constantly.
  • Ash is usually sweet about being teased--he just deals with it.
  • The bicker constantly, but it's obvious they like each other.
  • Their fights, like Sam's and Freddie's, are usually resolved by Brock (Carly).

Jessie/James (Pokemon)Edit

  • Jessie (Sam) makes fun of and "beats up" James (Freddie).
  • Jessie (Sam) is real tough, and doesn't show her true self often.
  • James (Freddie) is nice, and just deals with Jessie (Sam) messing with him.
  • James (Freddie) is the weaker (in certain ways) one of the two.

Ash/Gary (Pokemon) Edit

  • They started out hating each other, but eventually became good friends much like Sam and Freddie
  • Gary (Sam) is tough and makes fun of Ash (Freddie).
  • In the Indigo League series, they constantly fight, but it's clear to anyone that they like each other.
  • Both grew up in the same town. (Pallet Town in Pokemon, and Seattle in iCarly)
  • Gary (Sam) has called Ash (Freddie) a nerd multiple times.

Ranma/Akane (Ranma ½)Edit

  • They started out hating each other.
  • Akane's (Sam) feelings grew for Ranma (Freddie) but won't admit it.

Candy/Terry (Candy Candy)Edit

Otani/Risa (Lovely Complex)Edit

  • Otani (Freddie) and Risa(Sam) always fight much like Sam and Freddie.
  • They both hated each other like Sam and Freddie.
  • Risa(Sam) loved Otani (Freddie) first like Sam liked Freddie in iOMG.

Haruhi/Kyon (Haruhi Suzumiya)Edit

  • Haruhi (Sam) usually drags Kyon (Freddie) everywhere.
  • Haruhi (Sam) and Kyon (Freddie) have a secret bond of trust.
  • They share a kiss
  • Haruhi (Sam) has called Kyon (Freddie) an idiot or moron multiple times.
  • Haruhi (Sam) is jelous of Kyon (Freddie) and Mikuru's (Carly) relationship.

Edward/Winry (Edwin) (Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)Edit

  • Constantly bickering.
  • Winry (Sam) often throws a wrench at Edward's (Freddie's) head when she is frustrated with him.
  • The two are actually close friends, no matter how much they argue.
  • Both have feelings for each other but don't realize it/they hide their feelings.
  • Winry realized she loved Ed before he realized he loved her.
  • Their fights are sometimes resolved by Alphonse (Carly).
  • Winry is very passionate about auto mail and knows a lot about it, like Freddie is with technology. Edward often makes fun of her for this, like Sam does with Freddie. Ed knows a lot about alchemy, and Winry does the same thing to him.
  • They have nicknames (pet names) for each other. Ed calls Winry "Gearhead" and she calls him "Alchemy Freak."

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