Writing is my life

Hey peoples! Many of you know- okay few of you- okay maybe none of you

possibly know me from fanfiction.

I have written two multi chapter stories (one is finished one isn't), and

seven oneshots for Seddie.

As well as one for Channy, and two for Delena. But my main focus is Seddie. I am also a fan of Ron and Hermione,Logan and Quinn, Moze, and Ned, Lilly and Oliver,

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Are they cute or what!!? XD

Castle, and Beckett,and many other love hate


I have an unhealthy addiction to both Seddie and Fanfiction according to

friends, but i care less. I also am a huge fan of Jathan, not because of

the fact they play Sam and Freddie, but because of all the videos they post, and time they spend together.

Uuumm also, I am a fan of Jennette McCurdys music-

not because i am a Jathan, or Seddie shipper but because she is amazing. I discovered her before

Miranda Cosgrove started singing, and people started saying Jennette was

trying to be like her. Well i have news for you Jennette released her first single in 2007, then one in 2008.

And i bought them- then last year she 're-released' them. After iCarly was more popular. But i have been a fan for a long time.

Oh dear, i did it again. I ranted. Sorry- i do that. Onto other topics...
Name of Fanfiction What its about


or In-progress

iLove Boys That Fight Back Sam makes it her sole mission to make Freddies her own, and for him to stop letting her hurt him. A\n: Kay that sounded stupid- trust me the story is better MULTI CHAPTER In-progress
Viva la Gloria Little girl No matter how I separate myself, it will always comeback to haunt me… So I will separate myself in the easiest, simplest way. And nothing of me will remain. One sided Seddie Complete
iSpin da Bottle Its Carly's Birthday, and she wants to play a game. Sam isn't to happy. Part two of a series called iSituations. 4/5 are "challenges" that I have read. 1 iZap 2 iSpin da bottle 3 iSeven minutes in heaven 4 iTruth or Dare 5 iElevator Complete
iZAP Sam gets Zapped & looks- guess whose name is on her palm: Part one of a series called iSituations.4/5 are "challenges" that I have read, this one though is all mine. 1 iZap 2 iSpin da bottle 3 iSeven minutes in heaven 4 iTruth or Dare 5 iElevator Complete
Written Love Seddie fanfic. Sam, and Freddie deal with their feelings for each other through writing class. One of the Free Verse poems Sam has written about her fantasys with Freddie is read out loud in writing class. Her rep. is on the line. Freddie finds out. MULTI CHAPTER Complete

BFWB Best Friends with BENEFITS!!!!!


What if Freddie wants to be more than a BF with Benefits? What happens when Sam has a seizure? Some might consider this story "sexual"- i don't but i thought i should warn you! Why- mentions of releasing tension. Complete
Owl City iPod Shuffle iCarly Style Seddie Version A bunch of Seddie drabbles to Owl City songs WAY BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS- i hope :) Complete
You have broken me When Spencer breaks up with Sam because he feels that she doesn't love him, after Carly going all backstabber who does Sam go to? Will Sam realize her true feelings? SEDDIE with mentions of ex-Spam. This is full of a confused Sam, and pure Seddieness! Complete
i7min in Heaven Carly's birthday isn't over yet & Sam is forced into yet another game READ OTHERS FIRST! Part three of a series called iSituations. 4/5 are "challenges" that I have read. 1 iZap 2 iSpin da bottle 3 iSeven minutes in heaven 4 iTruth or Dare 5 iElevator Complete

Seddielovergrl 21:01, August 21, 2010 (UTC) Seddielovergrl

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