• Tokka is the epicness

    just a little story about everyone's fave couple, set to their song!!! Enjoy! Did I tell you I knew your name?"Sam Puckett," the girl with long blonde hair said.But it seems that I've lost it."Freddie Benson."Did I tell you it's my own game?Sam didn't want to be seen as weak. She was tough. She had to be.This is not your problem. Freddie saw the cuts. But he wanted her to tell him.I don't know if I'm gonna change."I can't be weak. I can't."Wasting time and another day.He wanted to sit here and waste a few days with her.I keep running away/even from the good things.She ran again. Her mom didn't care. So she ran to Freddie's house.I keep running away/even from the good things.'Did I tell you it's not that bad?"Y'know, it's not so bad hanging ou…

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  • Tokka is the epicness

    We danced along to the violence/not scared of anyone.

    They were going to do it. With that ring on her finger, Sam stood her ground and told her mother that she was going to run away and marry Freddie.

    And they won't complain as long as we explain exactly/what have we done.

    Freddie was nervous. If his mother found out that he was marrying Sam, the girl that had tortured him and loved him equally, he didn't want to be around to see the end result.

    You see these walls/they won't kill that beast in your heart.

    Four blocks and a locked window wouldn't separate them. Nobody could keep them apart.

    Or deep in your soul.

    "Mom, I'm leaving. If Freddie wants to marry me, then I'm going to let him. You can't stop me."

    I wanna know if it's just an opinion or l…

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  • Tokka is the epicness

    Look at the stars/look how they shine for you.

    Sam was watching the meteor shower, the stars' shine reflecting in her eyes.

    And everything you do.

    Freddie loved her. “I wish she knew everything about me.”

    Yeah they were all yellow.

    She threw her arms up, trying to get away from the situation, and the accusatory glances of her two best friends.

    I came along

    He didn't have to be there

    I wrote a song for you.

    He didn't have to care so much, or put it in music form.

    And all the things you do.

    Every little thing he said was gold.

    And it was called yellow.

    Yellow. The color of her hair, the color of the stars, sometimes the color of his dreams.

    So then I took my turn.

    Sam took the blows as her turn came. Her mom was a drunk that beat her up.

    Oh what a thing to …

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