just a little story about everyone's fave couple, set to their song!!! Enjoy! Did I tell you I knew your name?"Sam Puckett," the girl with long blonde hair said.But it seems that I've lost it."Freddie Benson."Did I tell you it's my own game?Sam didn't want to be seen as weak. She was tough. She had to be.This is not your problem. Freddie saw the cuts. But he wanted her to tell him.I don't know if I'm gonna change."I can't be weak. I can't."Wasting time and another day.He wanted to sit here and waste a few days with her.I keep running away/even from the good things.She ran again. Her mom didn't care. So she ran to Freddie's house.I keep running away/even from the good things.'Did I tell you it's not that bad?"Y'know, it's not so bad hanging out with you, Sam. You're not the bad girl I thought you were."Sitting over here dreaming.Sam dreamed of getting out. She didn't want to be another face in the juvie system. She wanted to be someone.Did I tell you I'm right on track?"Freddie, you're the good, straight-A kid who couldn't get into trouble if you wanted to. I'm the girl that can't stay out of trouble.""Yeah, but it's not your fault. Your life isn't on track because of what you have to deal with."This time I mean it.He meant what he said. Freddie honestly wanted to help, but all he could do was give her some cd of songs he chose for her. Each song meant something to him, made him think of her.I don't know if I'm gonna change."Sam, are you going to keep acting like a tough girl, or are you going to let your gentle side out for once?"Wasting time and another day.If there was one thing Sam was the best at, it was wasting time.I keep running away/even from the good thingsWhy did she continue to fear her own heart? Was it because she was afraid of him? Or of herself?She would never understand.So she kept running.

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