• Zukosfiregirl22

    Look at the stars/look how they shine for you.

    Sam was watching the meteor shower, the stars' shine reflecting in her eyes.

    And everything you do.

    Freddie loved her. “I wish she knew everything about me.”

    Yeah they were all yellow.

    She threw her arms up, trying to get away from the situation, and the accusatory glances of her two best friends.

    I came along

    He didn't have to be there

    I wrote a song for you.

    He didn't have to care so much, or put it in music form.

    And all the things you do.

    Every little thing he said was gold.

    And it was called yellow.

    Yellow. The color of her hair, the color of the stars, sometimes the color of his dreams.

    So then I took my turn.

    Sam took the blows as her turn came. Her mom was a drunk that beat her up.

    Oh what a thing to …

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  • Zukosfiregirl22

    OMG. i was watching victorious, the robarazzi episode, and while trina was giving her performance of her one woman show, the camera flicked to the audience. and who did i see???? JERRY TRAINOR AKA SPENCER!!!!!! i very nearly died. anyways, yeah thought you all should know that fact. bye! Zukosfiregirl22 18:32, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Zukosfiregirl22

    okay, so i was watching icarly with my parents and little brothers, and my 8-year-old brother justus was like, "Team Creddie!!!"

    My five year old brother Sawyer, turned around, gave him a glare, and said in his little boy voice, "Noooo, its team SEDDIE! Seddie."

    And i have to say, as a longtime seddieshipper, i was extremely proud!!! This also happens when avatar the last airbender is on, namely, the battle between justus, sawyer and I. Sawyer, darling little guy, is a ZUTARIAN!!! (yes i got a five year old to ship zutara.) While justus, demon child, is one of the vile legion of KATAANGERS. What to do, what to do. Well, i gotta go watch iKiss. TTYL peeps!!

    Zukosfiregirl22 17:35, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

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